Make ordering
fast and easy
All your orders on a single platform.
Simplify your ordering process
Say goodbye to tedious ordering processes and hello to convenience and control with Orderz.

Our unified ordering platform works for both suppliers and restaurants/cafes in a single app.

Our goal is to connect the foodservice industry in a simplified ordering platform, saving time and money for everyone involved.

“Orderz has saved us both time and money. Our staff don't waste time texting or phoning repeat orders and the ingredient price comparison will save us over $9,000 this year!”

Andrew McKee
Great Dane Coffee
Save Time
Do all your order management in one place

Merchants: Order from all your suppliers in the same way, in the same place. Never worry about remembering a phone number again.

Suppliers: No more frantic phone calls or voicemails. All your customers place orders online. Your entire orderflow is visible and clear.

See what your costs & profits are

Merchants: Orderz lets you view historical data and analyze your ordering. See which products cost the most, and eliminate waste.

Suppliers: See your popular products, and track inventory. Use these insihts to drive profits.

Make Money
Convenience means more sales

Merchants: Never run out of stock again, which means no more lost sales due to missing ingredients.

Suppliers: Convenience means sales. Your customers will love ordering online, and you can expect a sales bump to follow.

  Free Premium
Customers 5 Unlimited
Products 50 Unlimited
Unified platform
Standardized orders
Reminder messages
Employee accounts
Free $2/customer/mo
  Free Basic Premium
Suppliers 2 20 Unlimited
Unified ordering
Supplier directory
Employee accounts
Inventory tracking
Free $45/mo/location $90/mo/location
Need help getting started?

Importing data is tedious. We'll help you get started. Our data import service does everything for you, including:

Our data setup is available for a one-time fee when you sign up.

One-time expert setup service.
Just email us your data, we'll handle the rest!
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